dino cakes!

While I enjoy baking, the end result isn’t always pretty.   Delicious, but not pretty.   Kiddo’s birthday is almost here and because he is the sweetest little guy in the world he always asks that his mommy makes his cake for his actual birthday.   Awwwwww.  A few years ago I bought a latex dinosaur cake mold….it didn’t turn out well:

If I remember 7th grade bio class correctly I would have to say that resembles an amoeba, not a dinosaur.   Little guy still loved it, devoured it and next year asked for another dino cake.   I’ve taken this route the last few years:

Yes, that’s a cake.   Two layer sheetcake topped with green frosting which is then topped with dino friends and tropical dino-esque foliage.  Oh, and a watering hole made out of blue jello, that’s always a big hit, and clearly it’s what the dinos are drawn to:

The amount of frosting I use to make this thing is pretty epic, like we hit our frosting quota for the year in one cake:

Is there even cake in this thing??

So I’m prepping again to make this cake. Aiming for the same idea, but neater, cleaner, not so much the frosting blob look.   Any suggestions from baking geniuses of the Capital Region and interwebs?



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