16 handles

Last August on a trip to Tampa my son and I stumbled upon a glorious place called Yogurtology.   We actually ended up getting a pre opening tasting because the owners preparing for the first day saw our eager faces through the window and invited us in.  It was simply delicious yogurt, with fun inventive flavors and endless combination possibilities.  We actually went back three more times during our trip.    I’ve often thought of Yogurtology since our trip and become slightly jealous when my Tampa friends mention their Yogurtology trips on Facebook…it was really that good!   I was hoping a Yogurtology might open in the Capital Region, thankfully I got something even better, 16 Handles!

I first heard about 16 Handles in Clifton Park when I cut their commercial.   As I read the script I realized this was the frozen yogurt place I’d been waiting for!   I waited for the opening and dragged the family up to CP one Sunday for a taste.  Manfriend grumbled about driving all the way to CP but I assured him it would be worth it.  He loved it.   I made a solo trip up yesterday as a little treat for myself.   I’m obsessed!

16 Handles is located at The Shops at Village Plaza in Clifton Park:

It’s a pretty simple layout once you walk in, a long bench for seating, the yogurt machines, and topping area sum it up:

The handles are where all the action is.   16 Handles has 16 handles of flavors…get it?  Get it?  🙂   You grab your cup size and go to town on whatever you want:

I’m not sure if the flavors change every day, but  here were a few that caught my eye:


I ended up going with a coffee and thin mint combo, so it was off to the land of toppings:

There is sooo much to choose from, sweets:

Fruits (which I found to be super fresh):

I would recommend having a plan of attack for your toppings.  Once you’ve settled on your perfect fro-yo treat it’s time to weigh out:

My medium sized cup with coffee and thin mint yogurt topped with raspberries and a few chocolate pieces was about $5.   Yup, it’s a bit on the expensive size but if I hadn’t been so eager with the handle and had gone with a smaller cup size I’m sure it could’ve been around $3.    You’re paying for the weight of your fro-yo and toppings not for the actual selection.

To sum it up:

I found my delcious creation quite satisfying for a Friday afternoon, a nice little treat to end the week:

Have you been to 16 Handles yet?   Do you think you’ll try it out?  I would LOVE to see one in the Albany area too, but I suppose it’s best for my waist line that it’s in Clifton Park.  I think this will be a once every few months kind of treat.


  1. I’ve never been even though it’s close by. But now that the weather’s getting nicer, my boyfriend and I should go out for dessert some night and try this.

  2. Oh my!! I can’t wait to go when I get home from school. I’ve been waiting for a froyo place in the capregion too!

  3. ashallann says:

    It really is a delicious once in awhile treat! Can’t wait to hear about your perfect combination !

  4. If you’re been waiting all this time for 16 Handles to open, you’ve been missing out. Plum Dandy’s been in Saratoga Springs for ages now — same concept, delicious yogurt, and fun extras, too, like a DJ on Fridays and Beatles Sunday, not to mention board games to play.

  5. Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days srtuglging

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