favor balls

Kiddo had his birthday party this weekend.   His dad (aka manfriend) and I went shopping for the goodie bags and I spotted some awesome plastic containers that reminded me of the prizes we would get in dime machines as kids:

You remember “winning” these as a kid, right?  They’d be filled with some cheap prize like silly putty or plastic jewelry.   LOVED those things.   We spotted giant versions of the plastic balls and I thought it would be fun to use them as favors bags  balls:

They were jammed full of goodies and were a bit smaller than a soccer ball:

The kids seemed to really love them, but we learned pretty quickly that  part of the “fun” of the favor balls was slamming them on the floor to break them open….sigh.    I purchased up the empty balls at Factory Card Outlet in Latham for .99, they come in a variety of colors.

Kiddo seemed to enjoy the party, will definitely have to do another blog on the location, it went really well.   Somehow we STILL have cake leftover from the party (and still have cake leftover from his actual birthday.)   Coccadott’s did a great job on the dino cake, ROAR!!

Parents, party planners, what do you like to use for favor bags?   Any must use product?


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