top 2 tuesday: things i collect

I’m taking a break from the Knicks and Celtics for a quick Top 2 Tuesday !

Top 2 Tuesday: Things I Collect.

I can’t say I am an honest to god collector, but these are things I’m always on the hunt for…

1. Shoes

   I love shoes.  I love shoedazzle.   I love sparkly shoes:

I love shoes that I purchase even though I know better.   Seriously, where am I going to wear these???  They’re sitting in my closet!

2.   Snow Globes

This is more for the kiddo, but because he loves them I’m always on the lookout for them.   PS, any Tampa friends who might read this blog, we’ve been looking for a Tampa snowglobe (couldn’t find any the last time we were there) and the only one I’ve found online is this creepy gnome Rays hybrid.   If you come across a cool touristy looking Tampa/St. Pete snow globe let me know and I’ll send funds!!


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