Have you ever fantasized about furniture?

Last month manfriend and I wandered into Old Brick to look at tables and ended  up in the sofa section.   He pointed out a set that initially I thought was ick:

First it was the blue-ness of it that bothered me, but then I started to see the beauty of it (although this looks tan doesn’t it?):

I thought it looked a little Mad Men-y…but hey I love Don Draper:

I’m now in full blown like with this furniture, blue retro look and all, this is how the full set looks together (in tan):

I don’t know if I’ll actually bite the bullet on buying it, but I’m dreaming about it!   I’ve never had a new, new sofa before.   In college we would use whatever we could get our hands on.   Post college I purchased a sofa set from some co workers that I still use.   It’s super comfy but flying kids and “big bones” have made the furniture a little weak.

So, what do you think of the blue stuff?   Love it?  Hate it?   Just curious.   Where do you find great furniture?


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