giveaway – sally hansen nail polish strips (closed)

I’m straight up obsessed with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips.  I’ve tried ’em twice and not only are they easy to apply they are a compliment magnet 🙂 .   I tried the houndstooth a few weeks ago:

And followed up with the leopard pattern last week:

I even took the leftover packet from my leopard and applied them to my friend Courtney’s nails last weekend during her son’s birthday party (under 5 minutes!) I’m spreading the nail strip word!  I’ve been itching to do a giveaway on here and I thought that since sharing is caring, I’d give away some packages of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips to one winner.

These are the polish strips, one sparkly pink and one zebra print, and I’ll let the winner select one more style to be added into the mix (so a total of three packages.)

The winner will select the third package from these styles (where available)

The contest begins on 4/21/11 at 10pm and ends on 4/28/11 at 11:59pm.    It’s pretty simple to enter !


Leave a comment on this post telling me your normal nail polish routine (even if it’s nothing.)

I’ll select one (1) winner at random from all entries to receive the nail polish.   Winner will be announced on 4/29/11 by 5pm.   If you enter PLEASE check back on 4/29/11 after 5p, if I post your name and am not contacted by you within 3 days I will move on to another winner.

Yay nail strips!


  1. I have a love-hate thing with nail polish. Love it for the few days before it turns to chip city, hate it when it does that. I usually do two coats of a bright colour (reds, greens, and sometimes blues), then I put a top-coat on. I swear by Sally Hansen, but I recently got introduced to OPI and I’m really digging those colours too.

  2. Danielle says:

    I try to get a mani pedi once a month but I would love to try the nail strips

  3. I usually paint my nails from the comfort of my desk at work… LOL. I usually bring a new bottle every Monday so I can focus on touch ups throughout the week! =)

  4. rollerjackie says:

    i can’t seem to hold the nail polish brush correctly so i wear nothing.

  5. My normal nail polish routine is to keep changing my polish every so often! I get bored with my polish way too easily so having these nail strips would be awesome!! And I’m far too poor to buy them myself 😉

  6. I just posted about these the other day! I have yet to try them, right now I just wear this clear topcoat with copper glitter from OPI. I always get polish all over my hands.

  7. I like to do French manicures on my toes with those white marker-style polish pens. It’s so easy!

  8. I love this idea! I must try. I rarely ever polish my nails because I can’t stand the dryness that seems to happen near my cuticle after just a day. It happens even if I get them professionally done.When I did polish my nails a lot, I wound up doing them almost daily. That’s a time-sucker.

  9. What an awesome giveaway, I’ve been dying to try these strips!!
    I love OPI and Sinful Colors brands and change out colors weekly…My fave thing to do is sit at the coffee table and paint my nails while catching up on the DVR! 🙂 I always use a base coat, 2 coats of polish and then 1 top coat.

  10. I actually rarely polish me nails, because I can’t stand when they start to chip.

  11. i want to try this so bad! i used to go get manicures all the time but it’s an expense that added up. then i started giving myself manicures but that’s a hassle sometimes. THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!


  12. My new normal routine is to put a clear coat on every two days or so. I am trying to grow my nails out (life long nail biter here!) so the clear coat makes them shiny which makes me not want to bite them! I’ve been dying to try this nail strips, so I hope I win!!

  13. Jessica Reneau says:

    I soak my nails in hot water, put a coat of black nail polish on then dry, apply a second coat of strengthen and shine to make the nail polish pop. Sometimes I will even put a coat of glitter nail polish depending on the day:)

  14. I don’t usually wear nail polish, but these I’d wear… if I could use them before my daughter got to them!

  15. Rachel W. says:

    My toes are ALWAYS polished a bright shade of pink or red no matter the season. I paint them every other week or so.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. @Nola727 says:

    My nail polish routine is to skip the bottles and go straight for the press-on nails—not so healthy!

    Thanks for the chance to win

    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  17. I have seen ads for these and would love to try! normally I paint my nails myself (usually a hot pink color lol). Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  18. I usually paint my nails and then 3 weeks later am embarrassed as I’m holding a hymn book with someone at church because my nails are all half painted by then. OHGOSH!

  19. Normally I’ll get motivated and paint my nails, then get disgusted with all the chips after a day or two and take the polish off until the next time I get motivated, a few months later.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. My nails are mostly “nude”. I just use a buffing block which has 3 sides: nail file, buffer and shine. And use clear nail polish with a tint of color. I wouldn’t mind to use an opaque color on my nails so I’d love to try the strips.

  21. I have to say my nail polish routine is pretty uninterested. I start with Sally Hansen base coat followed with 2-3 coat of polish, depending on the nail polish, and end with Sally Hansen top coat.

    I also have a giveaway happening,

  22. I am a no nail routine but would love to change that

  23. limepink says:

    I ususally paint my nails in the bathroom then a couple days later take them off and apply a different color

  24. I usually just go with a buffing block and clear polish on my fingernails, then paint my toenails a really bright shade.

  25. I don’t normally wear nail polish. It chips too quickly.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I always go to get a manicure. Sometimes I bring my own polish (OPI, Essie and Zoya are favorites…oh, and Butter, too).

  27. shala_darkstone says:

    My normal nail polish routine is to wear 1 or 2 coats, and then it either chips the next day or I bite it off! Then I get lazy and don’t wear any for a while, and then I start over again.

  28. Angelica says:

    I used to never paint my nails because I had a bad habit of biting them, until I got my braces and that broke my habit. So now I LOVE to do my nails and I normally do them every two weeks I love bright colors since it is spring and I hate waiting for them to dry so I use drying drops!

  29. For my hands – I go to a salon. My natural nails rip and break; so I have acrylic put over them and a gel over that. French manicure.

    For my feet – every week/two weeks, soak, buff, file and polish.

  30. routine: clean nails, push back cuticles, use Opi chip Skip to get the nails ready for polish, apply 2-3 polish coats while drying in between, then clear coat over it 🙂

    tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

  31. I love & hate painted nails. I love the way they look but I hate it when they chip. But I love black or nude tone nails.

  32. I want these so badly! My nail polish routine is to change up my polish once a week, I try to stay consistent and do it every Monday but it doesn’t always workout.

  33. seda arkan says:

    ı use pure acetone to get rid of the polish, and start with a base coat, whatever I have. I not so picky on basse coats, because I never saw any use of them. After i do with my polish/nail art or stamping etc. I go over my cuticles with a acetoned brush to get rid of the mess. Then I go over with a treatment oil, I made to keep them nourished

  34. Prior to having kids, my nail routine was pretty complicated, haha! I changed colors every few days. I’d first apply a base coat, then 2-3 coats of the colored polish, then a top coat, then a fast-drying spray and then I wouldn’t move a fingernail for at least an hour until they were completely dry…NOW, with a toddler son and an infant daughter, I am lucky if I can paint my toes once every few weeks and my fingers a few times a year. And I just go straight to applying the color twice, then a quick-drying spray and done!

  35. Patricia says:

    I´m not talented to do my manis and ped, so I go to the beauty parlor, once a week, to get professional help and gorgeous nails. Normally, it takes one hour and I go at lunch time. She uses cuticle creams gloves for both hands and feet, removes cuticles (although some women do not remove cuticle, here in BRazil most of the girls remove it), aplly base coat and polishes with the colors from my collection.

  36. nuttysquirrel72 says:

    I rarely painted my fingernails, but always had my toenails painted until about a year ago when I found all these amazing nail polish blogs! Now I change the color every few days! I’m completely addicted! I’d love to try the nail strips as well!

  37. Kimberley says:

    I usually don’t do my fingernails, but I always have my toenails painted, I’m loving the new shatter by opi because of the pattern, so these are amazing!!!

  38. i use a base and top coats
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

  39. Normally I get them done at the salon and get French Tips on my nails, but I love to change the colors of the tips, sometimes I do purple, or red, or even blue!

    Now on my toes, I do them at home and keep them solid but a bit different now if I do the color tips then I paint them the same color so they match … and I’d love to try these strips on my nails! I’ve even read you can do them on fake nails which is awesome!!

  40. lauren chan says:

    I usually just put two coats on my toenails and one coat on my fingernails.

  41. Hello, I have seen these in the store and have been wanting to try them. Chose to buy more polishes over to get more for my money. Most recently the Sinful Colors from Walgreens. I try to make my manicure last a week. Saturday night while watching movies with my family I do my manicure. I begin with a cuticle treatment. Then do a base coat of Nutra Nail Maximum Nail Strengthener. I do a minimum of 2 coats of polish waiting 10 minutes between coats. Then top with Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Top Coat. Have recently discovered Konad and Fauxnad nail stamping plates and will decorate sometimes.

    Love the polish strips. It is a toss up between the leopard print and butterflies, but I think I will go with the butterflies nail strips if I were to win since I have not seen that particular pattern at my local store.


  42. I usually just paint my fingernails but since my daughter has been born I just dont find the time as much. I would love a quick way of painting my nails. I love to paint my daughters nails now that she is a little bigger!

  43. I paint my fingernails about once a month. I usually jse about four different colors, because I have so many nail polishes that I can’t chose just one. I’d love to try the Sally Hansen nail strips because they look like fun.

  44. jacqueline v says:

    i use maybelling blushing bride on my fingers and toes. you can hardly tell when it chips and everyone thinks that i got my nails done!

  45. I love to do french manicures every month.

    victoriassecretlover at yahoo dot com

  46. I don’t normally do anything b/c I have an ultra-conservative job and I tend to chip nail polish the moment it is set. 🙂

  47. I reapply my nailpolish about once a week. It should be done more because it is always quite chipped by then, but that seems to be about as often as I can get it done. Would love to try these nail strips soon!


  48. I don’t really have a routine, but I usually keep my toes painted since I wear sandals a lot!

  49. ashallann says:
  50. i start by cutting them and buffing them
    i dont like my nails long so i pour on a base coat followed by 2 coats of color.
    thank you


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