leopard easter egg

Normally when I look at a bowl of hard boiled eggs I think, “ewwwwwww.”

My tone changes a bit when it’s Easter because thepossibilities for a bowl of boiled eggs is endless !  I’m a big fan of PAAS cups (just makes it easier to clean up.)   Because we wanted super vibrant colored eggs we only used vinegar:

Kiddo loves coloring eggs and he came up with some really amazing designs:

After watching his creativity and taking a quick glance at my nails:

I decided to try to make a leopard egg:

I just used brown and black crayons to draw the spots, then dipped in various colors:

The egg dye color wasn’t great, but I just decided to use my technique for a golden egg, aka dipping it in all the colors 🙂 .   The best sequence was yellow orange and a moment of green:

I thought it was a good first try, although I think the vinegar left it looking a bit like leopard with leprosy:

If you celebrate Easter I hope you have a great day tomorrow!   What are your easter egg traditions?   Would love to see your creations!



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  1. […] this year.   I may try out a sparkly egg, I definitely want to try to make a better batch of leopard eggs.   While a fun experiment, it looked a little […]

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