friend makin’ monday: today i….

Today I felt…worried for manfriend.  He said he felt like he was having trouble breathing this morning.   Hope it’s just allergies.
Today I saw….mostly co-workers, and a computer screen.

Today I ate…my favorite chopped salad….delish.  Yes I know I should’ve skipped the bacon on top but I went for it!

Today I kissed…hahah manfriend and I hadn’t kissed yet today, I just made him kiss me, he’s confused.

Today I bought…groceries (came in under $60, I’m happy.)

Today I heard…the song “Stutter” by Joe & Mystikal, it referenced a two-way, I didn’t know what that was.

Today I lost…hope that something I’d been waiting to happen since July will actually occur.   It’s just not going to happen, time to move on.

Today I decided…that I’ll get up early on Friday and watch the royal wedding with a nice cup of tea (or maybe champagne, lol.)

Today I need…to go to bed before midnight, I need sleep so I can go to the gym in the morning!

Today I wish…that everyone in my family who feels sick or pain would feel better, 😦 .



  1. Champagne is a MUST for the Royal Wedding 🙂
    have a great day!!

  2. ashallann says:

    Thanks for the kind comment Jessica ! It’ll be champagne or tea for the Royal Wedding! Will you be watching?

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