if i had a million dollars: overstock.com $67,000 necklace

I’m always amused when I find ridiculously high priced items in budget stores (like a $20,000 ring in BJ’s) it’s the best oxymoron (that’s one of my fave words, shout out HOT SAT WORDS with Ms. Henderson.)   I found this amazingness on overstock.com this morning, a $67, 280.99 necklace!

Watch out, there’s a VERY HIGH SELL OUT risk on this necklace.   🙂 Seriously this thing is amazing and I’m sure it’s placement on overstock.com means it’s original price was much higher, I just would love to meet the person who spends 60K online, and then trusts it to be shipped!    I’ve wondered about luxury items on overstock.com before on this blog and learned that yes highly priced items will be shipped for a low amount, but some may actually include an armed guard for the delivery!   Wow.

So until I hit the jackpot I’ll have the overstock.com armed guard wait and I’ll just imagine what it would be like to wear a $60,000+ necklace.    So pretty, it looks like something a princess would wear!

Speaking of princesses, do you think you’ll be watching the royal wedding on Friday morning?   I’m getting kind of excited about it and think I’ll get up early and have some champagne and throw a little tea party while enjoying the festivities.

Oh and if you don’t have a million dollars but would like to try out 3 PACKAGES of Sally Hansen nail strips, I’ve got a giveaway going on until Thursday night!  


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