supermarket sweep

I ended up in the supermarket all by my lonesome last night, a rare occasion.  Normally kiddo and I are on a mad dash to grab what we need and get out before he gets annoyed.   Tonight I was able to take my time, and do normal things like take pictures in the supermarket 🙂 .

Most of my time this evening was spent in the frozen foods section.   Specifically the section with, you know, the ice cream.   I was kind of surprised to see ice cream for dogs in the same section as ice cream for people.   If I hadn’t looked at the fine print I would’ve purchased these to eat because the doggy on the packaging was cute…nope these are puppy ice cream treats.   Frosty Paws Ice Cream Treats.   I’ve never heard of ’em but I also don’t have a dog…

Have you tried Frosty Paws?   Did your pup love ’em?

My next item of interest in the ice cream section was this:

Magnum Ice Cream.   Have you seen the commercials.   I’m curious when you hear the word “magnum” what is the first product that comes to mind?   I’m gonna guess it’s not ice cream.

Next up on the items of interest was Bailey’s coffee creamer.   I know there is nothing even remotely healthy about this,

but it looks delicious, no?   Have you tried Bailey’s coffee creamers?   Are the good?   I think they might be too heavy for my am coffee needs but curious what you think of it.

My final fabulous supermarket find is this:

In case you can’t read it clearly, that would be a TAMPON PURSE:

I guess they’re to keep your tampon safe, but isn’t that what the wrapper’s for?

Happy shopping!



  1. I just saw the doggy ice cream in Price Chopper last week! I didn’t buy it for Mack, but I was really curious. Maybe if it EVER gets above 60 degrees, I’ll pick some up for him. They definitely need to label it better though, because at first glance, it looks like human ice cream with a cartoon on the box – like Spongebob…

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