banana bowls and more

Tight shorts at the end of April mean, get your act together girl!   I can rattle off excuses but that’s not going to ensure I don’t overeat, planning will!    If I don’t eat breakfast I WILL overeat at lunch and throughout the afternoon.  Because I tend to get a late start to my day I usually don’t eat breakfast until after 10 or so, I know it’s not ideal but I just don’t have time or interest in food before then.   My fave breakfast as of late is a banana bowl, I love it!

Here’s what’s involved:

1/4 cup of oats (75 calories)

1/2 container of nonfat banana yogurt (60 calories)

1 banana, sliced (about 105 calories)

a sprinkle of cinnamon (about 6 calories)

1 tsp of honey (about 21 calories)

So for about 270 calories I’m a pretty happy girl in the am.   Yes there’s sugars involved but right now I’m more concerned about my caloric intake, I plan on stepping down the sugars over the next month, but right now this is my go to prep breakfast and it’s delicious!

The rest of my day will involved chicken and baby spinach on a sandwich thin for lunch (about 210 calories)

Mixed veggies (about 100 calories) or a spinach salad to go with the sammich:

&  either carrots, and orange or a cheese stick (about 80 calories for the cheese stick) if I need a snack during the day, so far I just craved the cheese, shocking.

Afternoons tend to be when I start wandering through the office during breaks to find candy or something to eat, I’m usually craving chocolate so I’m  attempting to avoid raiding the vending machine by hiding these in our freezer:

I still haven’t shaken my early morning coffee routine, but if I need something more than water during the day I’ll reach for tea!   I’m on the end of my vanilla rooibos kick and think I’ll head back to this favorite (doesn’t seem very springy though, does it?)

I’ll still have about 700 calories to play around with for the rest of the day so I still need to decide dinner.   I want to try Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s Spaghetti Squash recipe soon, that looks amazing !   I know manfriend will want to grill tonight though, must find something good to grill.   Any thoughts?   I bought some salmon patties a few weeks ago but was pretty underwhelmed when I put them on the grill, maybe I did them wrong?

Any great finds for grilling (other than fish) that I could try?

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