i feel like a blueberry

Yup, I feel like a Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, post blueberry transformation.

The weather was amazing yesterday, I think it went above 80.   When I got home I ran up to the attic to grab my summer clothes, as I pulled on a pair of shorts they felt….tighter.   A lot tighter.   Ugh.   While I’ve been losing weight I’m still not where I want to be and it put me in a fierce, foul funk.

To top it off when manfriend heard me complaining and grumbling he offered up this gem, “well you did gain weight after you left the tv station to work at the radio station, maybe you need to watch what you’re eating there?’


I was pissed for a minute, but one thing I love about him is that he’s always honest with me, and his nugget of wisdom ,while not the most pleasant thing to hear, was true.  My overall meals are healthier than they were a year ago but there are many many temptations around the radio station.   It’s part of my weight gain.   Gotta say no to the sweets, and the pizza, and the chips.   Just say NO!  Pass me the celery and the herbal tea!   I can still have cake, on my birthday !

If you’re feeling kind of meh about yourself what do you prefer, the honest to god truth or some sugarcoating?

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