birthday freebies

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, unless it’s your birthday.    My birthday is Friday and  I’m excited to celebrate.  I’m looking for birthday freebies !!

I’m absolutely considering the free boot at Wolff’s Biergarten (I know you have to put down a $40 deposit or something though, right?)    Last year I just did a modified boot, it was just a really big beer:

I managed to get through it.

I’ve never tried the Bomber’s massive margarita before, but I hear it’s amazing!   This 2009 post from the very fabulous Arielle Trimm on All Over Albany is my guide to 518 birthday freebies, but I’m still searching for more!

Free ice cream treat from Coldstone Creamery.

Denny’s will give me a free Grand Slam.

Dunkin’ Donuts celebrates my birthday with a free medium beverage (if enrolled in Dunkin Perks, I am.)

I know more exist and I WILL find them!   Hey at least I got a free dinner out of my friends last weekend, even though I had to wear a silly hat:

I look like a wizard, don’t I?   If you know of anymore fabulous birthday freebies let me know!


  1. It’s really fun to share that giant margarita, but in my experience it’s also verrrrrry heavy on the mix. Super sour. Should you go for it, here’s a tip I picked up over the years: order a shot of tequila as well, and add it right in. Helps the balance. Enjoy!

  2. Live a little — get the BOOT! We did boots in Ybor at this place called Double Decker — $100 deposit!!!

  3. ashallann says:

    I definitely want a birthday boot Krystal !

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