abc’s of me

I saw this on Pampered With Paige today and because I love anything that resembles a Myspace survey (loved those, lol) I’m on it:

The ABC’s Of Me:

1. Age: 30, but I’m 31 on Friday, holy crap I swear I was 16 yesterday!

2. Bed size: Doesn’t matter, I have insomnia, I haven’t seen my bed since 2007.

3. Chore you hate:  Doing the floors, I swear 5 minutes after I sweep and wash dirt magically appears…ugggh neverending!

4. Dogs: No doggies but I hope we have one soon!

5: Essential to start your day: coffee, I cannot function without it.

6: Favorite color: Kelly green!

7: Gold or silver: depends on what it’s for…gold shorts, no.   Gold jewelry, yes!   Silver fillings…no, silver colored flip flops, yes !

8: Height: 5″7ish

9: Instruments you play: I used to play the trumpet !

10: Job title: mom, program director (aka I run a radio station) dj, and voice talent (aka you hear me on commercials.)

11: Kids: Love mine.

12: Live: upstate, NY.   I LOVE NEW YORK!  We have it all from Manhattan to the Adirondacks it is THE BEST STATE EVER!!!!

13: Mom’s name: she would FLIP if I wrote it on the interwebs.

14: Nicknames: Ash, Ally, Al

15: Overnight hospital stays: short of some long tests only when I delivered the kiddo !

16: Pet peeve: smokers, sticky friends (people who stick to whoever is popular at the moment), and shit disturbers, and loud chewers

17: Quote from a movie: “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and good things never die.”   The Shawshank Redemption.

18: Righty or lefty: righty

19: Siblings: Just one Irish twin!

20: Time you wake up: 6 or 7 ish unless it’s an insomnia night, then it’s like 3:30am

21: Underwear: yes please

22: Vegetable you dislike: brussel sprouts, artichokes

23: What makes you run late: I believe time doesn’t apply to me (which is total bs) and simply get a late start

24: X-Rays: I’ve had way too many, x-rays, cat scans, mri’s

25: Yummy food you make: I cook an amazing roast chicken, balsalmic honey salmon

26: Favorite zoo animal: fishies !!!

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