get your shop on

Tuesday evening while we were at dinner, kiddo was playing with my iPhone and the screen went blank.   No idea why.   I couldn’t get it to reset, I couldn’t get it to charge, it appeared to be dunzo.   I flew to the Apple store where they of course touched it and magically fixed it (seriously I ALWAYS feel dumb in there) and then found myself at a mall that wasn’t really that crowded.   Shopping anyone?

After ransacking Gap Kids I headed into Old Navy in search of workout gear and hit the jackpot!

Shirts, socks, two sweatpants and a pair of workout crop leggings for under $60:

Then of course I had to get new sneakers.   Actually I really did, mine were destroyed so I ran over to DSW and found Nike Air Alvord 8’s for like $39 !   I love a good trail runner and I love a great deal!

I haven’t worn Nike’s in years, they run narrow and my feet always felt pinched but these felt great when I was running yesterday.  I definitely felt the difference a new sneaker can make!

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