the real housewives of albany

My guilty pleasure is Bravo’s The Real Housewives series.   Please don’t judge me too hard for admitting that.  It’s mindless fun, and it’s amazing to watch what some of the women complain about.   Shoot only ONE nanny?  Damn!!!   Short of Miami I’ve loved them all, EVEN DC ( sad that it was cancelled.)   It seems like a new city pops up all the time, and during a moment of mental procrastination at work I was wondering about a Real Housewives of Albany series.  I know it would never happen, but I thought it would be a fun game to play.   Who could you see on the show?    I posed the question on my facebook and here’s a few of the  some of my friends came up with:

Marylou Whitney (Saratoga socialite extraordinaire)

Sandra Lee (girlfriend of Governor Andrew Cuomo)

Benita Zahn (anchor, reporter, actress)

Mary Ann Jennings (wife of Mayor Jerry Jennings)

Susie Essman (actress, allegedly resides in Delmar)

Yolanda Vega (New York Lottery Queen)

What “local celebrities” would you want to see in the very imaginary Real Housewives of Albany?    Who would be the table flipper???


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