quesadillas, packages and a makeover

It’s not time for lunch yet but I’m excited to tear into my flat out quesadilla today because I brought it in this:

It’s just a new lunch bag but I thought it was pretty!   I found it when I was picking up a new lunchbox for kiddo (do your kids destroy lunch bags?)   What’s funny is that when I picked him up yesterday and he saw it he thought this one was for him, not a happy kid.   He was quite relieved when he saw that his was plain blue.

I FINALLY mailed out the nail polish strips to my giveaway winner Barb on Tuesday.  Sorry again for the delay Barb they should be there by tomorrow!   I rarely mail packages, and I have to be honest, I was baffled for a moment when I had to put together the shipping box!

I got it right, and it was safely, securely and sturdily (is that a word) mailed out earlier in the week.   Ever get a moment of panic when you realize you need to assemble something in front of a bunch of strangers?  Eeek, performance anxiety !  🙂

I have to clean my desk this afternoon it has reached critical level.   I have a serious paper problem and when I get busy it just piles right up.   I’m always busy so imagine how awesome my desk is right now.   I feel bad for my cubemates having to look at my paper problem so I’m dealing with it today!   I kind of want to do a desk makeover.   My inspiration is this teacup:

I somehow want to turn my red and grey cube into a pastel and floral shabby chic-esque retreat.   We’ll see how that goes.


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