tetanus time

I have two words of advice for you, never run around barefoot and update your tetanus shot every ten years!

Saturday afternoon I actually stepped on a rusty nail in bare feet.   The kicker?   It was in my own basement!!!    How does stupidity like this occur?   I was running to my basement to move the wash to the dryer and one of the rubber mats on my stars (which is held in place by a nail)  had slipped off and flipped over exposing the nail.    I bounded down the stairs completely oblivious and stepped right on the nail.   Yay, pain!!!

After the pain had passed and a few frantic text messages to my life saving friend Laura I realized it had been about ten years since my last tetanus shot so I had a fun afternoon date at the urgent care!

The puncture wasn’t that deep.   I kept telling the doctor it was cool because “I knew the nail, it was from my house,” but it was still time for that :::shudder:::: SHOT.

Do you know when you last had your tetanus shot?  Important info people!!



  1. […]    No stitches but the pain was/is pretty epic.   Interestingly enough it was MORE painful than stepping on a nail, yea did that about six months ago.  At least I was all set with my tetanus shot!  Apparently […]

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