vacation decisions

Summer’s almost here.   Camps need to be signed up for.   Tiny inflatable pools needs to be purchased.  Flip flop style decisions need to be made, yay for summer!   We always have a lot of local fun in the summer because there’s so much to do here!

Strawberry picking in Schoharie (with some silly looking strawberries)

Fun throwback rides at Hoffmans (I always call this the paratrooper but does anyone know the actual name of this ride?)

Impulsive pool parties in the yard:

And margaritas on the patio:


If we do take a vacay we’re deciding between the Adirondacks

or Florida (love this picture)

I love the Adirondacks and manfriend hates Florida (especially in the summer) but I love visiting the Tampa-Clearwater area so we’ll see if we can’t convince him to consider a little Florida time.  Hey you spend most of the time in the AC, right?

The final option we’re considering is Kennebunkport in Maine.  We haven’t been there in about 7 years but it is always amazing (go to the Lobster Shack!)   So what would YOU choose?

Have you made your vacation decisions yet?   Where are you spending the summer?


  1. I picked Maine because I’ve not been there. 🙂

    This summer I’ll be spending a lot of time back home I guess. It’s good to get out of town and see family right? Plus it’s free.

    When does strawberry picking start? They’re my favorite and I seem to miss it every year!

    • ashallann says:

      Ella Maine is amazing, it’s best in July (although super crowded.) I think strawberry season kicks off early to mid June, that’s when I know we’ve found some of the best.

  2. Clearly I voted for Florida! It’s actually been quite nice lately and not miserably hot! Come to TPA and we can have martinis and I’ll bring my manfriend too. LOL =) We live 5 seconds away from Clearwater Beach. I am embarrassed to admit just how much time I still spend at Shephard’s.

    • ashallann says:

      SO jealous you live so close to Clearwater Beach, that’s awesome! Have no Shephards shame, it’s a fun place!!

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