if i had a million dollars: sunglasses

I used to buy fancy pants sunglasses, but after losing a pair of Dolce &  Gabbana’s on the Raging River Rapids at Great Escape (they flew off my head) I became one with the cheapies.   My new fave sunglasses were just $9.99 at Rite Aid, class all the way.

If you’re not a clumsy cheapskate perhaps these are for you, the most expensive sunglasses in the world:

They’re the DG2027B by Dolce & Gabbana.   They’re $383, 609.    I can only assume that they’re covered in diamonds and made of gold that every member of the royal family has kissed.   Insane!

What’s the most you’ve spent on sunglasses?   Think you can top my $9.99 specials?



  1. Great post with good information.

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