can you guess

Where this kinda creepy looking gentleman was found?

Any guesses?   Anyone?


I was shocked that manfriend had never been there before.  When I was a camp counselor we would go here every year, EVERY YEAR FOR FOUR YEARS, sometimes twice a year.  I am familiar with Fort William Henry and since we were in Lake George and it wasn’t crowded and kiddo seemed convinced it had something to do with pirates we went on in.

We skipped the guided tour and just sort of ran loose, kiddo had just seen Pirates of the Carribbean the day before so he pretended he was after the British for a different reason, my mother would be so proud (no not at all she was an American History professor.)

The views from the top of the fort are pretty impressive:

The creep things do not end with the above creepy mannequin:

In case you can’t read that it says TONSIL REMOVER…ew.

I of course had to take a picture in this thing:

We found some authentic historical Adirondack chairs (this must have been where the soldiers took their smoke break)

All in all a fun time, I think it’s something worth visiting (or revisiting) in Lake George, gotta love the views!



  1. This brings back such memories! I used to go to Lake George as a kid! and we’d go to Ft William Henry and Ft Ticonderoga. And take a ferry over Lake Champlain! SO much fun. I miss it.
    My husband’s family is a jersey shore family (they have a house in ocean city), so thats pretty much the only place we go haha (saves us money!)

    • ashallann says:

      Sounds like you and I had the same childhood! I’m sure you can convince the family to join you for a sentimental visit in the Adirondacks!

      • my husband is totally set in his ways =( I may be able to talk my girls into doing a long weekend up there though!

  2. oh, also, we used to stay at Bonnie View, then Trout House Village right in Hague.
    I want to go back so badly haha
    I went back in about 2000, and stayed at a chain hotel across from a set of outlets. I didn’t even know there were outlets growing up.

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