cooking disaster

Last week I tried out another outstanding recipe from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life for crab cakes, it was amazing!   I’ve been craving them ever since and decided to whip up another batch this evening.   Manfriend’s only complaint was that they had fresh red chopped red peppers (like this one)

and he doesn’t like them.    I asked him if he would mind if I used crushed red pepper, he said sure that’s fine.   So I picked some up.

Now let me just say I’ve never ever tasted crushed red pepper flakes, I’ve seen the bottle at every Italian restaurant or pizza place I’ve ever been to but I’ve never had any.   I honestly thought that it was crushed red pepper like the one above, not crushed red chilli pepper.    I used A CUP!!! A CUP OF CRUSHED RED PEPPER FLAKES.

So yea.   The crabcakes were basically inedible…but stubborn me attempted to choke one down.   I want to just pour a bottle of Mylanta down my throat.   Ugh.

Just call me the worst cook ever!

Ever made a ridiculously stupid mistake while cooking?   Can you share it while I try to get through my indigestion?


  1. Oh yeah, my mom said at one thanksgiving, “Hey we’re not gonna have enough gravy!” So I did the logical thing and added water. TO GRAVY.
    Then I accidentally cooked garden salad on the stove by turning on the wrong burner. I had placed the salad bowl “out of harm’s way” while I fired up the burner. My dad started taking knobs off the burner so I didn’t keep melting things.
    Then I burned water. Still not sure how I did that.
    I also turned taco shells into a crisp.
    Then I used wax paper in place of aluminum foil in the oven. Bad idea, that.
    (I am the most hapless cook in the universe as you can clearly see).

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