birch box

If you want an edge on all things beauty make sure you’re reading Pampered with Paige she has yet to steer me wrong with beauty posts.   That’s where I found out about my pretty pink box, the best tanning stuff and more, read on up ladies!    A few months ago she mentioned Birch Box.   For a $10 monthly membership you get access to a great site but most importantly a box filled with 4-5 samples delivered monthly…SCORE!   Despite reading about it a few months ago I just signed up so I’m hoping to get my first Birch Box early next month!  Here’s hoping for some great goodies!   Stay cool today 518-ers, hydrate hydrate hydrate!!



  1. […] wasn’t just any friday, it was a birch box friday ! I mentioned birch box last week and I thought it would be a few more weeks before I got my goodies, but they came today […]

  2. […] anyone have any feedback?  I really love BIRCHBOX, if you’re unfamiliar check out my post about it from earlier this summer.   It’s a nice little $10 splurge and the products are […]

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