this isn’t hot

The 518 is going through a pre-summer heatwave, the whiners are in full effect.   Yes, it’s hot.   Yes, it’s rare that the forecast has higher temps here over the next few days than Miami:

Whenever it gets a little hot here and I start to feel sorry for myself because I don’t have air conditioning  I just remember one of the last weekends I spent living in Florida.   The central AC in my apt died, in August (central AC is a necessity down there.)   My car died too.   My friends were all out of town.   I didn’t have any family nearby.   Severe thunderstorm threats all weekend kept me inside. Almost everything I owned (including most of my fans, were packed away.)  The super of my building was not interested in my pleas to fix the AC.   THAT was hot, THIS is manageable.   🙂

Enough weather biotching.  Have you seen the trailer for BAD TEACHER?    A little preview below (NSFW language)

I know, totally vulgar, but I think that may be why I’m excited to see it!  Also there was a song towards the end of the trailer that I tracked down.   I needed to find it.   I knew i had heard it before but I just couldn’t place it.    Do you ever turn to google when you just need to find the name of a song?  I’ll admit to being a song stalker!   Oh, the name of the song I was looking for was Beggin’ by Madcon:

What’s a song you’ve stalked before?   I feel like I’m the queen of stalking a song after I hear it in a commercial or trailer.   Ever made a great find that way?


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