look into my ring

If you read my blog or follow me on twitter you know I love big ass rings!   I found a great one at Target this morning, isn’t the color/whatever’s inside of it awesome?   Bonus that it’s big and it was $5!!!

I actually found myself staring into the ring today,almost getting lost in it.  It’s ok, you can laugh at me.   🙂

Ok, moms and dads, do you ever get last minute info from your little darlings?   Example, this evening kiddo had an event at school, this morning he said, “Ohhhhhhhh, I need black pants and a white shirt for tonight, bye!!!”

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but a recent growth spurt and a kid who HATES shopping has put his wardrobe into a tight space.    After running into 2 Targets, a Marshall’s, and a JC Penney I was still white polo shirtless and black pantless…luckily his dad found the pants and I picked up a polo after work but it was just rushing that we could have avoided.   Ever get that last minute request from your kid?

Kiddo did a great job at his event tonight and we thought we would celebrate with Emack & Bolio’s on Delaware.

Sidenote, do I need to specify which Emack & Bolio’s?   The other location, in Guilderland, closed, right?

I love this place it’s like a fantasy in the middle of Albany.    I think I was more excited than kiddo for ice cream, oh yea no fro yo, I went for the full on cream of ice.     I went with Deep Purple Cow (black raspberry ice cream, white and dark chocolate pieces and blueberry) it was fantabulous:

I really love the atmosphere of Emack & Bolio’s it’s so cozy! (ignore my very pale knee if you can.)

There was even a quick chess match over ice cream and cappuccino’s tonight:

After the match we relaxed outside in the garden area, love it.   I want to make my backyard look like Emack & Bolio’s! (that’s a blurry manfriend in the pic)

Great, great night.   Hope you’re enjoying the cool down and ready to take on a fabulous Friday!!

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