I LOVE WeTV Wedding Sundays, I’ve been watching Bridezillas since the first episode (remember it was about kinda snooty Manhattan brides when it first aired?)    I was so excited to hear that one of my blog friends/friend from Tampa is going to be on the show this weekend!   Krystal has been chronicling her wedding at her blog Krystal’s Kitsch, it looks like it was a really fun day !

Here’s a little clip of her Bridezilla episode that will air this Sunday:

Lol, yes as I remember Krystal always liked to party, any picture I have with her involves a cocktail (I’ve got a mimosa in a water bottle):

or looks like we’ve been drinking cocktails for a bit (a little hot on the flash)

I can’t imagine how Krystal will be portrayed as a Bridezilla, she always seemed very chill but I’m super excited to watch this Sunday on WE!   Do you like watching Bridezillas and all the other fab wedding shows on WE on Sundays?



  1. Holy hilarious. Thanks for sharing, I can’t imagine what actually made the show!!

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