that dizzy feeling

I’m walking through the supermarket in the cereal aisle and it hits me, that dizzy feeling.  For just a second things get a little blurry, the aisle starts to spin a little and I need to take a deep breath.   Things go back to normal.     I continue shopping and go to the checkout line.   The woman in front of me is writing a check.   A check????   Seriously lady?   Someone comes behind me in the checkout line.   I’m starting to feel like I’m boxed in.   WTF, the check writer is starting over !!  My heart starts to race and I feel really warm.   I just want to pay for my things and go.  Adrenaline seems to start pumping and I’m worried I’m going to pass out (I’ve never passed out in my life.)   The check lady finally finishes and leaves.   My items are being scanned, I swipe my card but just need to step away for a second, I tell the bagger I just need to blow my nose and walk a few steps away towards a fan and take a few deep breaths.   I’m sure the checker and bagger think I’m some sort of crazy woman.   Maybe I am, I just had a mild panic attack at a supermarket and I’m mortified.

I’ve written about panic attacks before they are awful.   Mild panic attacks aren’t much better. It’s still that ridiculous fight or flight feeling.    I have drugs I can take, but I try to resist as long as possible, I don’t like taking Advil let alone something that’s going to numb me out.  I had been doing pretty well, but for some reason this past April they decided to say HEY again.   I’ve had enough, I’m going to the doctor next week, I need a solution to them.   Not drugs, I need an answer as to why they’re happening.   My friend from Siena gave me some great tips the last time I blogged about panic attacks (I like Angry Birds but turn to Fruit Ninja when I get that ehhhh feeling) but I’m curious if you’ve ever found a solution?   Is anyone ever cured of panic attacks?




  1. i know its going to sound hokey, but there is chanting. it vibrates your vocal cords in a certain way that helps clear the mind.
    of course, you can’t be chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” in the middle of a grocery store without people thinking you’re crazy, or that you’re like… gonna go all Carrie on their asses. (I love that movie, I have to watch it again, its been too long) but it can also help if you just kinda say it under your breath, or even having something visual to focus on for a few seconds to calm you down, be it a beach scene on your iPhone or a picture of your childhood dog in your wallet, that can help you.
    Honestly, I would like to not use medications as well, but lately its been….. necessary. I have been stressed out to the max. Stuff I can’t change, etc. But yeah, thats just how it works so Ativan has been my friend the passed couple days. It used to be good enough just to know it was there as a security blanket, just in case. But I have found myself taking it because the passed few days I’ve been thrown some things I cannot physically handle and stress is making me literally ill =\

    I hope that helped a little bit, also maybe knowing that theres someone else out there who would have the same anxiety attack due to a check writer and being boxed in…. maybe that would help too. I am completely socially awkward and inept in those type situations. ❤

    • ashallann says:

      I hope the things stressing you out are alleviated soon. I will definitely be trying the chanting ! I too am finding that my meds are suddenly more and more necessary, sucks.

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