if i had a million dollars: golf putter

Shopping for father’s day is never easy, I’m most likely picking up a replacement baseball hat for kiddo’s dad (aka manfriend) (kiddo brought his to school and never returned with it.)    He’s not a huge golfer but enjoys hitting the driving range, so I thought I’d make this “If I had a million dollars” edition father’s day and golf themed!

How about this diamond and ruby encrusted golf putter from Odyssey Golf, it’s a mere $165,000 (when would you use this??)

Or if that isn’t QUITE enough sparkle for dad’s golf game, how about this diamond encrusted putter and golf ball set, the putter is covered in diamonds totaling 25 carats, the putter is covered in 22 carats of diamonds:

If you can’t wander into the six figure range for a gift for dad you could still get him a little bling for a reasonable investment.   Gold dipped golf balls for $30 !   Again, where would one use this?

I’m sure whatever you get the dad in your life will be fabulous!   Happy Father’s Day !!


  1. austin.shackleford@yahoo.com says:

    Holley shit

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