happy birchbox day !


It wasn’t just any friday, it was a Birchbox friday ! I mentioned birchbox last week and I thought it would be a few more weeks before I got my goodies, but they came today !


Hello you fab box you !!!


I haven’t even opened it and I’m already excited !! Lets dive in, first up:


Sircuit cosmeceuticals molecular mist. A refreshing, hydrating spray. Ok NEXT:


Lavanila Body Butter. Feels and smells amazing, like spreadable luxury ! Moving on:


Laura Geller blush-bronzer. Amazing !!

I also received a Kate Spade perfume sample :


Also stripper to go polish removers !


So many great goodies, 10 bucks !!!!


Do you think you’d ever try birchbox ?


  1. oh my god, you post this right when i’m like…… money dieting HAHAHA i want to try this so incredibly badly Do you have a referral code? I’ll sign up and see how it is for a month. I’m canceling my gym membership, i’m totally justifying this in a really weird manner… LOL
    I just found out about http://heartsy.me/users/128115/referral?c=plink (thats my referral code if you want to sign up) heartsy, because this local makeup store that i LOVE started an etsy page and they had a sale, $9 for $33 credit.

    Such an awesome marketing idea! its $7.99 a month to be a “vip” which gets you exclusive sales and $10 initial startup credit, AND $10 more in store credit (if you weren’t a VIP for the sale I think you got $22) so I totally recouped my investment when I got 5 eye dusts and a nectar for a total of… well, $10.18 after signing up 😛 (I went over my $33 by 2.19)
    There has been a couple other sales that I was digging, I figure I’ll keep it around for the month and if I don’t see anything else, I’ll cancel. Thats another thing, its cancel the VIP status at any time woooo

    • ashallann says:

      I love that phrase money dieting ! Birchbox is awesome. I’ll have to see if I have a referral code. I’ll check out heartsy, so many great ways to stay fabulous thanks to the interwebs!!

  2. I am a perfume-aholic. not for the alcohol content 😛 hahaha anyway, what is it like? I kind of like sandalwood and lavender and tuberose. I have to make my own fragrance, seriously.
    My faves are Fracas, Bhagari (which whenever I say it people think I’m saying Bulgari, so annoying), I’m actually cool with the Britney Spears fantasy lines. My son gets me one every event because he LOVES Britney, and I like her, and its something we share. Plus, I guess my husband is clueless too. I need to start whispering “iPad2″ into their ears at night nothing like subliminal messages to get people going.
    Oh, I used to be a Body Shop at Home consultant, and I LOVED Chymara and Rose Cassis. Go figure they got rid of both of those scents =( but I scored a whole bunch for $2/pop at one of their trunk shows. Speaking of trunk shows, I loved Guerlain’s Moscou, but I couldn’t afford the $200. Theres another one by… I forget. I totally promptly forgot because it was 200 for an itty bitty bottle (I was so ready to buy it, price unknown until she was like with tax that will be twohundred….” and I went blank and said nevermind heh


  1. […] think I’ve found a new favorite, Kate Spade’s Twirl.   I received a sample size in my Birchbox last week and I’ve fallen for it.   As soon as I’m done with the Glam Princess […]

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