sparkly headphones continue

I get into “things”. Making necklaces, mandalas, and now I like to tacky up a pair of headphones. Last week I experimented sparkling out a pair of my headphones:


I decided to try it again over the weekend. White headphones seem to work best, here’s where they’re at:


I made pretty much every surface sparkle:


I was going for a bluebird theme (there’s even a sparkly bluebird that clips to the cord.)



I love making these so much I’m looking for an excuse to make more ! Do you think if I did a giveaway for a custom pair people would be interested ? You don’t need to be a dj to rock an awesome sparkly pair of headphones ! Lemme know what you think, I need an excuse to sparkle again 🙂

Oh, total sidenote, the above blueish headphones totally remind me of the design of the Rainbow Ride at Great Escape:




  1. What if you were to sparklify a house phone or a wall clock? Wall clock at Walmart for less than $10…

  2. You are SO good at that!! I like the wall clock idea too. You could even do it to pen holder cupss, small vases, phone covers, possibilities are endless 🙂 And I would totally be into a giveaway! :p

  3. hey, i was wondering where the very first photo you have, what brand the white heapdphones are? im wanting to buy my first pair but im in australia and finding it hard to buy girls heaphones please reply they look amazing!

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