i met britney spears

aaaaaand I have photographic proof:

Ok, ok….so it was in 1999, but I still met her.

I had never seen this picture before today, how hilarious is this !   I’m the girl standing awkwardly to the side in the black shirt, not wearing any FLY92 clothing because “I didn’t like it” …..brat.    Total blast from the past.

This afternoon the sales manager at my company was like, “I saw a picture of the FLY staff from back in the day with Britney Spears on their Facebook page and there’s a girl in the picture who looks just like you!”  Well it was me.

This was early Britney fame, just after Baby One More Time, it was during her still kinda innocent period.   I think she was performing at Proctors (I know…right) and the station I worked at at the time, FLY92,  did a pre-show picnic.  I vaguelwy remember meeting her, I remember she was really soft spoken.   So funny that this picture randomly appeared today.   There are a few people in this pic who still work, not at FLY92, but at the same company and we were marvelling at how young we look.   Ahhhh nostalgia.


  1. Nice! I love 90s flashbacks!! and check out Britney’s shoes! haha

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