friend makin’ monday what’s in your fridge?

FMM: What’s in Your Fridge?

FMM: What’s in Your Fridge?

  1. List a few common items that can always be found in your fridge.  Milk, Grapes, Celery, Eggs, yogurt, beer or wine, Gogurt (ick)
  2. What kind of milk do you drink? This is a never ending battle with manfriend, he says whole milk is best for kiddo, I’m a skim girl (and his doctor agrees) but every once in a while he’ll sneak in some whole milk.   They even sing a song about it!
  3. Do you prefer fresh or frozen vegetables? Depends on the veggie, i love frozen peas and veggie medleys but for certain veggies nothing beats fresh !
  4. What do you currently have to drink in the fridge? Milk, Britta, Wine or Beer, OJ or Tomato Juice.
  5. How often do you clean out your refrigerator? We really try to clean it every week on garbage night.
  6. What’s the healthiest thing in it right now? We’re veggie heavy right now, can’t think of just one.    Apples?
  7. What’s the most unhealthy thing in it right now? Beer or wine, maple syrup, butter.
  8. What do you wish you had in it that you don’t have now? Just went shopping so I’m totally happy.
  9. How often do you shop for groceries? I haaaaaaate grocery shopping so I try to only go once a week but that never happens so it’s usually around 2-3.
  10. What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge right now? Garlic?   I don’t know, I remember my grandmother used to keep markers in her fridge, like permanent markers…know anyone who does that?


  1. Found you on Kenlie’s FMM post.

    Funny about your grandma’s markers! Wonder why that was.

    • ashallann says:

      thanks for visiting my blog Sarah! I am still searching for an answer on those marker’s there has to be a reason !

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