i usually don’t do this

It’s not my thing to copy a look all the time.   But when I saw this bracelet I knew I wanted it.

Who’s sporting it?   Duchess Kate, yea I guess I’m jumping on the royal lovefest bandwagon.   The Daily Mail has an article on a bracelet Duchess Catherine has been spotted wearing.   Apparently it’s a gift from Camilla.   The article didn’t say where the monogrammed charm bracelet came from but I’ll be on the hunt for as close as I can get lookalikes.   Any thoughts?

I love finding knockoffs, I did it once before with Angelina Jolie’s emerald Oscar earrings a few years ago, it’s like a little scavenger hunt!!



  1. […] Spotted a bracelet yesterday that I loved, Duchess Kate’s initial stamped bracelet (apparently a gift from her stepmother-in-law.)   Still haven’t seen where the real thing was purchased (or created, it’s probably made by a virgin jeweler who crafted it out of gold washed in holy water blessed by the pope or something) but I’m all about finding a decent knockoff!   So here’s the orignial: […]

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