knockoff search: Kate’s bracelet

Spotted a bracelet yesterday that I loved, Duchess Kate’s initial stamped bracelet (apparently a gift from her stepmother-in-law.)   Still haven’t seen where the real thing was purchased (or created, it’s probably made by a virgin jeweler who crafted it out of gold washed in holy water blessed by the pope or something) but I’m all about finding a decent knockoff!   So here’s the orignial:

Here are a few knockoffs I found:

This is a much simpler look but it’s close!

Zales has a pretty affordable version, the chain’s a bit chunkier but the cursive initial stamp gives it that almost royal feel (ok not really, but it’s fancier.)

Sidenote, in my searches I found this necklace, I dunno if I love it or hate it.   Handcuffs?  Would you wanna pull that off?

Ok back to royal knockoff searches

Another beautiful version, this one with DIAMONDS!!

Another close (but not totally there but still so adorable I have to add it in) it’s number stamped

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