sunday shopping, slacklining, and sunday sundae!

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Hope you had a great Sunday.   We had a full, random day!     I’ve been obsessed with finding new backyard furniture.  I was thisclose to buying this CVS mosaic set I’ve been walking past for the last two months.  Do you ever walk past something over and over again and just decide you want it?

Manfriend suggested i head to BJ’s (fail) and Lowe’s before I swipe my ExtraCare card, thank goodness I did because I fell in LOVE with these retro chairs!  They’re not everyone’s cup o’tea but we loved them and they work perfectly in our yard, definitely throwback:

That was super fun to put together, and by super fun I mean I was loudly cursing out the manufacturers in my backyard.   It’s always a good time when you’re using an Allen wrench and can only move it a millimeter at a time.   Le sigh…it’s ok though because there were also milkshakes yesterday:

It was so good (yes I tried some) it doesn’t even look like a milkshake, it looks like an amazing delicious sundae…mmm.   Sometimes you’ve just got to have a sip!

We wrapped up the day with a birthday celebration for my bro.   His birthday was Saturday but we all got together to celebrate yesterday.   He had to show off his slacklining skills to my parents.   Have you heard of slacklining?  It’s like walking on a tightrope, but it’s flat, and usually anchored between two fairly low points (ie: trees.)


Little bro showing off his slacklining skills:

There he goes:

He even did it barefoot!

Bro even showed off a few YOGA poses on the slackline.  Crazy !   Have you seen slacklining?  Think you’d ever like to try it?

Have a great week!!



  1. How much was that patio set running at CVS? I haven’t seen it at my local store and I’m a CVS fiend! I’ve seen weirdo kids at USF “slacklining” on campus in the courtyards. I had no idea it had a name or a purpose, totally funny though!

  2. ashallann says:

    I think it’s about $100 now that it’s been reduced about 20%. It’s one of the nicer mosaic tables I’ve seen this summer but we have grass and no deck so it would sink 😦 hope you find it. The CVS in Hyde Park always had TONS of this kind of isht if you’re ever near that way!


  1. […] may not fully understand my little twin bro’s slacklining obsession, but even I have to admit this is a pretty cool […]

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