which comes first glee, or the glee project obsession?

Ohhhhhh, Glee.   I’ve never really gotten into the show.   This past February I got caught up in a few episodes near Valentine’s Day (and ended up buying the first season on iTunes—that was a little ridiculous) but the crush didn’t stick.   Fast forward to June and while flipping around the channels one day I stumbled across

It’s a reality show focusing on 12 talented young singers are vying for  a guest spot on Glee.  I love this show.   I don’t love Glee.   Weird, right?

The Glee Project runs Sunday nights on Oxygen, you can catch the past three episodes if you have Time Warner (or Brighthouse or whatever provider you have) On Demand.   At this point in the competition they’re down to five contestants. Hit the Wikipedia for the breakdown of how a show rolls.

So why am I obsessed with this show?  Here’s a few reasons:

Cameron (adorbs) this was his “goodbye” song, I loved how he performed it:

They make some fun videos

And they can sing.   This is Alex

sidenote, Alex is a boy…love that he did this performance in drag.

I think I might be a sucker for The Glee Project because it brings back memories.  No, I didn’t perform on a reality show on a cable network, but in high school we did musicals.   Although I sucked at singing, it was such an energetic feeling to be around people who loved to perform. These talented contestants on The Glee Project are just so excited to be a part of a chance to be on the show, it’s lovely to watch.   I’m sure that the cast of Glee is just as talented and just as excited, we just don’t get to see that side.   Make sense?

Anyway, hope you’ll give the Glee Project a shot!   I’ve seen a few articles that the show’s ratings are very low, surprising because Glee’s ratings are usually phenomenal.   I’m not an expert, but for me it was INCREDIBLY difficult to find out what channel Oxygen was on.   My cable company switched many of their channels last year, and I eventually found it way up in the 300’s (345 to be exact.)   This means in my area the only cable watchers who can find  Oxygen are those who subscribe to digital cable.   We’re getting ready to eliminate digital cable (it’s just too much $$$) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to watch the full episodes somewhere online.

Have you watched The Glee Project?  Are you a Glee fan?


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