yup, it happens

I am constantly reminding people to GET OFF THEIR PHONES while driving (it is illegal to speak on your cellphone in NYS, and in some counties it is illegal to even hold your phone while behind the wheel.)  I remind manfriend, I tsk, tsk, at friends, I even flip off people I see doing it in parking lots (especially parking lots, it’s a personal story I’ll get to another time, pay attention while you drive in parking lots, seriously)  I take NYS’ no cell phone law seriously, but not serious enough.

I was on the Northway this week and manfriend called me, he rarely calls me in the morning so I answered on speakerphone (doesn’t make it ok) we spoke for a few seconds and I hung up the phone.   As I was hanging it up I glanced over…trooper. I knew I was caught.   I waited for a moment as the dark blue car we allll slow down for made his way behind me and just before the Exit 5 on ramp the lights came on and I pulled over.   I put on my four ways and grabbed my license and registration as I waited for him to walk up.  I rolled down the window and handed him my documents, I don’t think he said anything short of, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”   to which I replied “Yes.”   I had totally messed up, and I got caught as I should have.

I knew I shouldn’t have answered my cell phone but I did.   I was wrong.   I wasn’t smiling at the fact that the trooper pulled me over, but at the same point as a frustrated (and hypocritical) New Yorker who sees people blatantly chatting away on their cell phones I was glad to see the law enforced, even if it was on me.

I.  Was.  Wrong.   I should not have been on the phone.  End of story.

If you live in New York, or another state that doesn’t allow speaking on cell phones while driving, have you ever been pulled over?   If your state doesn’t allow cell phone use behind the wheel do you obey that law?



  1. I just don’t know how I could LIVE with this law. I’m totally on my phone always. It’s BAD but my commute is like an hour each way. 😦

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