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Apparently a good chunk of my friends have been pretty busy over the last three months, busy gettin’ busy.   Now I know why they wouldn’t come out and grab that cocktail with me.   Over the last month my Facebook, phone and email have exploded with with baby announcements.  I love it.  I love babies.  I love that my friends are pregnant.  I love seeing them so happy and knowing they haven’t even begun to experience the level of  joy that a new baby will bring to their lives.

But.  I do have one confession.    Whenever I see that first ultrasound photo, all I can think is…

 “well there’s your uterus on Facebook.”

It’s only that first ultrasound, you know, before the baby takes up more space, but I always think it, and it just makes me laugh.   Again, I ‘m not trying to make fun of people posting ultrasound pics on Facebook, had Facebook existed when I  was pregnant (man that makes me feel old)  I probably would’ve posted a pic too, it’s just where my mind goes…to your uterus.   Sorry, just my little dose of Thursday honesty.



  1. haha I totally agree! When I went to post my first ultrasound picture on Facebook a few months ago, I thought “is it weird that I’m posting a picture of my UTERUS?!”..Then I said screw it and posted it anyway :p

    • Congrats When are you due ? Haha I love seeing the pics And if we ever have another I’m sure I’d post mine I just always feel like a weirdo because I’m thinking UTERUS!

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