the big o for your brain

Every once in awhile I’ll get stuck in a Youtube wormhole.  I’ll be searching for reiki or meditation videos, and somehow I’ll stumble on some pretty random stuff.   I found this video a few weeks ago by accident, but it was so relaxing:

It’s essentially a head massage, but I was struck by the user’s name.  ASMR Massage.  I was curious what ASMR stood for.  I found my answer at the ASMR Research & Support site:

” Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs.”

Ok, that description sounds a little creepy, but basically it’s like the warm fuzzies in your head.  We’ve all had those before right?   Personally I experience this sensation when listening to certain sounds, people painting, tapping their nails, using an ink pen on heavy weighted paper.  It’s not always sounds,  I used to love having people play with my hair when I was little, shoot I’d probably pay someone to play with my hair now.  It’s relaxing!   I’ve become completely fascinated with ASMR.    You know what’s a great example of ASMR?   Bob Ross.   The painter.   Happy little trees:

Give it a try sometime, search ASMR on youtube, you’re bound to find something you enjoy, and they’re just essentially audio triggers.



  1. Wow! I know exactly what you mean by a warm fuzzy in your head, now I know what to call it. That video is really relaxing, probably shouldn’t have watched at my desk, still have five more hours to go!

  2. I wouldn’t say “everyone” experiences this, basically because whenever i explain this feeling to someone they just think i’m weird.. And i may be, but i enjoy it! lol

    I know this is an old entry but i wanted to check for ASMR posts around wordpress and found this one 😛

    Also, mind checking my blog? It’s new and i would like some feedback, please =). Cya and have fun!

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