perfect pirate makeup

After picking up the pirate costume for the kiddo I figured we were set.  I asked him what else he needed to create the perfect pirate look.  He said he wanted to kind of look like Jack Sparrow, but without all the stuff around the eyes because “that’s way too girly.”   He also requested a beard just like his dad’s.   AKA, five o’clock shadow.   I decided we didn’t need to dig into the annoying Halloween makeup stuff so I broke into my own stash of makeup to create the look.

Just a little bit of Laura Gellar Bronzer for that Jack Sparrow glow:

And for the stubble a combo of Almay intense i-color eyeliner in black:

and raisin quartz:

Just dabbed on small brushes, and voila!  Pirate stubble!

I think it came out pretty well!  We got to take the pirate look for a test-drive last weekend at the NYS Museum for their Monster Mayhem Halloween party.  It’s going on this weekend too 518’ers!  It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween and we love visiting the museum.   It’s bigger and better than ever (we’ve attended the last 4 years) definitely something to consider for Halloween weekend.

Who doesn’t love seeing pumpkins scattered around the Adirondack exhibits?

Maybe you can do a better job than we did at assembling the skeleton, or maybe there are supposed to be leftover bones?

We scored pretty well with the Halloween jokes

Hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend!


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