I was supposed to be on a train to Manhattan this morning, thankfully I’m sitting on my couch in my cozy sweats (hot visual I know) and I couldn’t be happier.   This is the first weekend since August where I don’t have to travel, work, run around nonstop, or have any event of any kind scheduled.  Free and clear this weekend.   Well, except for one thing:

Raking.   Meh. Mucho raking to be done this weekend.   Usually manfriend does it but he’s sick and it has to be done this weekend.   I hate raking.   Trust me, I’ve done my fair share in my lifetime.   I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in my mouth.   My parents put my brother and I to work when we were about five.   I remember that was how they would have us “break in our school shoes’ we’d go outside and do yardwork.   Despite years of practice I still hate raking.

I know yardwork isn’t meant to be fun and exciting, but I have a few thoughts.   I would be way more motivated to rake the lawn clean if there was something in it for me other than the end of dirty looks from neighbors with spotless lawns.   How about tossing a jewelry item somewhere in the leaf pile?   I could get a little bit more into the action if I knew there was a nice David Yurman piece hidden below. Hey, I’m just being honest.

Also how am I supposed to get excited with such boring tools?

A brown paper bag and an ugly accessory?   Awesome.   How is it that no one has designed a fun lawn and leaf bag (and I’m not talking about the jack o’lantern ones.)   What about a little design, a splash of color, maybe some sparkles?  Add some sparkles onto just about any tool and I’m infinitely more interested.   Blinged out rake?    Perhaps crystalizing a rake will be my next project, I haven’t sparkled anything up in a bit.    Many ideas to consider with the concept of a rakeover as I spend my weekend in leaves.



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