the last pair of boots

I’ve been doing some hardcore reorganizing in my closest(s) over the last few weekends.   I have a serious shoe problem.    I’m not exactly sure when I lost control but I have way too many pairs, it needs to stop.   I have three pairs of nude pumps.   Three!   For the love of Gucci, I’m a dj…no one even sees me, I could roll into work in Pumas and a hoodie every day, why am I obsessed with shoes??    I’ve decided I am not allowed to buy any more shoes, indefinitely.   Not a sneaker (I have 3 pairs of those too) not a flat (I have about 10 pairs) or a heel (I can’t even keep track.)

At the beginning of the month I made a little Shoedazzle purchase, obviously not something I needed, but when they arrive this will be my last pair of anything for a long, long time.

I’ll miss you Shoedazzle.   You too   This may be one of the hardest bad habits to quit


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