i want a man who wears candy cane pants

Seriously. I just want to meet the guy who can pull these off:


We found these at Orvis in Manchester. Manfriend loves Orvis so we decided to head out for a little bit of shopping this afternoon. He found some great stuff, but sadly I couldn’t convince him to even try on the candy cane cords.

I’d never been to the Manchester outlets before. We usually head to Woodbury Commons (where I found this awesome faux Russian hat)


I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I even managed to score this Kate Spade Alpine Hill  Stevie bag for cheap cheap cheap. Perfect winter bag.


And while the bag is adorable, it’s still not a pair of candy candy pants.



  1. Katie McKnight says:

    You just had to post this, didn’t you? I looooove that bag, so I went searching, and it turns out Kate Spade is having a sample sale, so I was able to buy the same bag for pretty cheap. ALL YOUR FAULT!!

    • yay! It’s such a great bag, what color did you get?

      • Katie McKnight says:

        I really liked the color you got, but on the website they only had black, purple and tan. I almost went with the purple, but in the end got the black. Can’t wait to get it!!

  2. I almost got the black one, it was really pretty! The bag I got is actually tan but it really doesn’t look like it.

  3. Just found these pants at a thrift store and had to buy them for $5.99! My family is going to fall over when they see me in them!

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