just call me rojo diablo

Here’s how you can waste time tomorrow at work, The Job Predictor.     My friend randomly discovered this on her desktop and I think everyone in the office took about 10 minutes to fool around with it.   It’s just an excel spreadsheet, type in your name, hit enter, funny job title appears.   Laughter follows.

Here’s my job prediction:

It’s funny because at my last job some of the super fun guys in the office would call me rojo diablo (red devil) jokingly, well, I think they were joking.

Wanna try it out?   Ok, the file’s below.

DISCLAIMER I didn’t create this so if it hurts your computer, offends you, or does anything bad I’m not liable, capice?

Your Name Dictates Your Job Spreadsheet (time wasting fun)




  1. Apparently I should be a mime artist.

    Too bad I love talking… and wearing color!

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