pin it, do it. buttons & paint

I mentioned last week that I’m a massive Pinterest addict, but I pin a lot of things without ever doing them. Well I got one done.

I thought this button tree was too adorable:

Source: via ashallann on Pinterest

So I made my own little version.


Then I made some more,

I know, I’m not the most artistic person in the world, my “talent” peaked a long time ago, but this was really relaxing.   I just used watercolor for two of the trees and crayon for the other two.   Then just went button glueing crazy.   I managed to sparkle a few of the trees up too.   Kiddo even joined in and made his own button tree.   If you’re looking for a relaxing little creation time, give this a whirl.   I’m definitely going to try this again with heavier paint and a finer brush.

Oh, and I actually purchased buttons for this because I didn’t have large quantities of buttons laying around (does anyone?) So I stopped into JoAnn’s, which was a madhouse, and picked up a big bulk container of buttons for $6.   I’ll definitely be able to use these for mending too.

Alright, let’s see what I tackle next from my list of pins to do!


  1. I saw this pin too! It looks like a fun thing to try with the kids

  2. Is this going to replace your mandala relaxation technique ? 🙂

  3. This project just saved my day. My daughter is getting so bored with her holidays, having finished most of her art supplies, pretty much nothing to do. This is such an easy-peasy craft that needs just buttons and colors. Thanks a bunch, really.

  4. She has little golden leaves that she is going to use for this. Keep finding the easy stuff, I’ve bookmarked this page.


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