hair rut

I’m in, what I like to call, a hair rut.   My hair is almost at the length I want, but still needs a few inches.   I need the couple of inches as a buffer because when I cut my hair, it stops growing for months.  I’d like to get it just a little longer – then snip snip to make it healthier.

On days when I don’t have time to tame the waves into curls or totally straighten it, I’m sporting one of these four looks.   A braid, a pony, just down, or a messy knot.

Lately when I haven’t styled my hair I feel I resemble Ruth Fisher from Six Feet Under.


I needed some inspiration to pull me out of my ponytail rut, and these looks appear to be relatively easy to execute:

Love a messy bun & headband

Pretty ponytail:

Half up-half down (love the knot)

This would require scissors, from a professional (I made my own bags awhile ago, it was awful)

Or in a perfect world, I could roll out of bed each day with Isla Fisher’s hair:

I’m going to try messy bun and headband today, but odds are good that can quickly dissolve into a braid.   Always one bad hair shake away from Ruth Fisher.


  1. I think you can definitely wear bangs, I would not suggest you cut them yourself

    • thank you! I will NOT be cutting them myself, if I can find a picture of the disaster(s) that I created I will post them!

  2. Roller Jackie says:

    I love Isla Fisher, her hair is amazing.

  3. Is that the girl from All My Children with the bangs? My hairs to fine for that style but I like it

  4. Oh come on, even Isla Fisher doesn’t wake up with Isla Fisher’s hair in the morning. There’s a safe bet there are many people involved in that end result.

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