i live there!

I was watching some Law & Order episode last night and Albany was mentioned.   Always makes me smile, I know that’s kind of creepy in reference to Law & Order but I mean generally when Albany is mentioned in shows or movies it makes me smile.    The Law & Order(s) seem to throw out an Albany mention every two episodes.

What other tv shows and movies use Albany?   I’m not talking about things filmed in Albany, no, no, no.   Just shows and films that mention Albany (or the greater Capital Region.)   I’ll definitely need your help with this.

Will & Grace instantly pops into mind (Grace was from Schenectady.)

The Office had an Albany branch, right?

I know Four Christmases mentioned “tropical Albany.”   Hey it’s pretty tropical when it’s 41 on December 14!

I was drinking wine when I watched Water for Elephants but I swear I heard Robert Pattinson say Albany, incorrectly.   Did I wine dream that?

Because I’m a nerd, I’m totally going to make a big list of Albany mentions, this is a good start.   What else mentions Albany?   Hit me with what you remember!   If I hit my highest geeky capabilities I might even edit them all together.   Seriously.   Biggest.  Nerd.   Ever.   But always a fan of Albany.


  1. I remember Ugly Betty mentioning Schenectady, but I don’t remember for what. i think I’ve heard Albany on House before too.

  2. I definitely heard Albany with Water for Elephants, Simpsons is another

  3. Seinfeld!


  5. Nechama Lilach says:

    In the Discovery Channel show “Most Evil” they talked about some woman in Schenectady who killed all her children. LOCAL PRIDE!

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