thank you, have a great day!

I really dislike people who refuse to get off their cell phones when checking out at a store.   A  word that starts with douche and ends with bag works for folks like that.  Yes, your phone call may be important, but take  a hot 30 second break from your chat-fest to acknowledge the person assisting you.   Better yet, get off the phone and say, “thank you.”   I know it’s a crazy concept to grasp.

Honestly I’m always shocked by the lack of thank-you’s during the day, especially in stores.  If you’re helping me, answering a question, serving me food, or checking me out,  you’re pretty much guaranteed, “thanks, have a great day!”   Even if you’re snippy.   Why?   I worked in retail in college and people could be so rude, I just felt like a doormat by the end of the day.   Whenever a customer would say a simple, “thank you” it made me feel slightly recharged.   I can’t guarantee that the people on the receiving end of my thanks have the same feeling, but they always seem surprised and smile.    Give it a whirl, I guarantee it’ll be welcomed.

Thanks.   Have a great day.


  1. Roller Jackie says:

    I never get thank you’s from customers.

  2. I still say please and thank you like nobody’s business because that’s how I was raised, but apparently a lot of people are just too busy in their own little world to care! It does make me feel better to be this way but it also feels good to say a quick “You’re welcome!” 🙂 when I don’t hear a thank you for something simple like holding open a door… My little (bitchy) way of reminding them to use their manners :p

  3. I always see please and thank you but notice very few others do the same

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