that new facebook timeline thing

Yesterday I started seeing Facebook status updates like,”whoa, new timeline.”   Or, “I’m jumping in with the new timeline!”  And , “I hate the new Facebook.”    Of course I was thinking, “why don’t I have it yet?”   After stalking checking out a few friend’s pages with the new timeline I discovered you can switch over to the new timeline profile now by wandering here.

I switched and discovered that there’s a 7 day waiting period before the new timeline goes active.   That’s a good thing, because timeline is like having a HD camera on your Facebook existence, you can’t hide much.   Your friends can now see things from years ago that you may not want them to see.    Example, maybe in 2008 you got a little too tipsy at a wedding and someone snapped a picture that 30 friends commented on.  It’s long been hidden on your profile, well that pic, that allllll your friends commented on,  could suddenly be seen as a highlight of that particular year.  Total hypothetical.   When you switch to the new Facebook go through your stuff and hide what you need to.

When I made the switch I made some fun discoveries like bad pictures, strange comments from creepy people and  my awesome 2007 status updates.   Some notable moments:

I’m eating quesadillas

Raking Leaves.

I’m a workaholic.

Riveting, no?   Hey it’s Facebook, who cares what you post, but I at least strive to be interesting or laughable now.

The new timeline also allows you to highlight any blemishes or bad photos you may take with the cover photo.   So now you have your profile pic and then a huge picture behind it.   I didn’t know what the f to put there.   First I put a picture I had taken of boats at night, but that just seemed weird, so my friend Bethany told me to put this up.   I did:

After I fiddled around with this gem I realized you don’t even have to upload a cover photo.  Personally I’ll be taking the no cover photo route.

I won’t get into the absurdity of the life events tab.  So far the only big life event for me on Facebook is that I was born, I guess I’ll keep it that way until someone tags me in some awful high school pic, or maybe someone will add my awesome retail experience at Dick’s Sporting Goods.     Happy new time-lining!  Remember to look through your old stuff first!!


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