if i had a million dollars – sparkly gloves

It’s January.  I live in NY.   It’s mother-scratchin’ cold.   For whatever reason gloves disappear in my house. Are they flying to West Palm to escape the cold?   Lying in a frigid forgotten corner of a parking lot?  I don’t know, but I’m constantly searching|buying gloves for the kid and myself.

I’ve been on a gem habit.  It’s actually pretty bad, but that’s a completely separate blog post to come.   I’m just really into making things have more sparkle.   I attempted to make my own sparkly set of gloves but that just sucked because I’m crappy at crafting.  Instead I turned to the interwebs in search of my blinged out gloves and it turns out I need to save up for the things I want!

These Prada gloves are amazing, on sale for $300 (hahahahha, sale and $300)

Or these adorable J. Crew jeweled gloves (cashmere and everything)  usually avail around $165:

These Christian Lacroix bejeweled gloves are so badass I can’t even find a price.   Love, love, love:

I came across these on my interwebs search.  Obviously not for winter wear, but some pretty fab boxing gloves:

Oh, and if you don’t have a million dollars sitting in your bank account and can’t blow $100 on gloves, check out this amazing DIY I stumbled upon on Pinterest, it’s from P.S. I made this which is probably my new favorite website.   I think this will be my next craft fail:


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